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Our Services : Pre-Montessori Room

The Pre-Montessori room caters for children from 3 years to 4 years.


The age range is only a guide and depending on your child’s overall development he/she may move at different ages. Every child develops at different stages and we urge parents not to feel anxious if their child does not move to another stage within a given time period.


At this stage a programme is introduced creating some routine to the child’s day, which will prepare them for Montessori. Developmental appropriate activities are introduced which will encourage independence and learning, examples of activities will include matching and sorting, picture and colour recognition, cooking, jigsaws, music and movement, signing and rhymes, storytelling, outdoor play.


The children are still very young so short work periods are encouraged. Table top activities such as jigsaws, sorting and pairing are introduced to promote motor skills, hand/eye co-ordination and basic numerical and literacy skills. Home corner, role-play, arts & crafts and music also feature.


A curriculum is followed in the Pre-Montessori room which consists of both adult and child led activities. Our curriculum also incorporates Aisters four themes; Well Being, Communicating, Exploring & Thinking and Identity and Belonging.


Our daily routine revolves around child led activities which in turn encourages each child to develop as confident and competent learners within the environment. There is lots to do in the room including; a home corner with dress up, dolls, wooden kitchen and real kitchen utensils. We also have; construction toys, messy play with sand & water, arts & crafts and much more all accessible to children throughout the day.


Music and Movement is also a part of our everyday life in Pre-Montessori. Every day we sing “the days of the week” and “what’s the weather” songs. The children are also encouraged to talk about different topics such as the importance of teeth brushing and using manners. Within the room independence is encouraged with the children from tidying up their toys to going to the bathroom themselves.


The Pre-Montessori room is no doubt a Fun, Caring and Educational Environment.