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Our Services : Montessori Room

The Montessori Room caters for children from 3 ½ to 5 years of age.
In 1896 Dr. Maria Montessori became the first female doctor in Rome. After many years practising as a doctor she became involved in child development. Her studies and analysis covered children’s needs and investigated for universal traits and characteristics amongst children. Dr. Montessori believed that all children possess sensitive periods, whereby; they absorb every experience encountered no matter whom they are with, or where they are. These sensitive periods would go onto stimulate the child’s entire persona. From her research the Montessori Method of education was devised where children would work with didactic (self- teaching) apparatus, the child would learn and refine areas of their development through this equipment. Alongside the apparatus, the teacher directs and guides the child in conjunction with these universal traits and sensitive periods. This method of teaching allows the child’s true potential to manifest itself. The six areas within the Montessori classroom are: Practical life, Sensorial, cultural activities, creative studies, language & arithmetic.